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007 Ways to Earn Your Man Card
AKA: What You Can Learn About Being a Man From James Bond
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Men are meant to be mighty; men are meant to be FIERCE.

So says Ryan P. Lampe, my guest for today's episode of Man Card Academy Podcast.

If you are looking to let loose your inner ‘wild man' and unlock your true potential, then you NEED to listen to this episode!

Ryan takes his experience as a surfer to guide men to build deeper relationships and help them create culture-shifting businesses. Check it out now!

Mark E. Davis
The Unapologetic Man

Ryan P. Lampe Bio:

Ryan P. Lampe shows men how to tap into their deep primal drive, overcome their fears of rejection and failure, and powerfully lead from their heart.

Married to Luci Lampe, he is a father of 4 wild kids and a passionate waterman who can be found surfing the Sunset Cliffs or spearfishing it's kelp beds in San Diego, California.

Ryan P.Lampe is the creator of Surfing Lessons Podcast and co-founder of Ruthlessly Committed.