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Imagine being a heroic firefighter, saving people and making a difference to countless lives.

Then, a crippling work injury takes everything away, confining you to a wheelchair.

But after years of pain, a miracle surgery brings your greatness back — what would you do?

On today's episode I interview Mike Bullock; a total ‘adrenaline junkie' who lives life to the fullest. Learn from Mike as he talks about breaking through your fears, excitingly saying “yes” to the scary situations that most men would shrink away from, and how to set your ‘inner impulse' to go for it – with fun, with love, and in life!

Mark E Davis
The Unapologetic Man

Mike Bullock Bio:

Mike Bullock is that calm, quiet guy who may SEEM boring but comes to life when dangled upside down. He has a keen eye for recognizing even the slightest glimmer of the madness / adrenaline gene in others and encouraging them to try something new.

Having been through 5 careers and 35 jobs across 15 states, when asked “What do you do?” he typically responds, “What do I do about what…?” The jobs he's enjoyed the most seemed to involve helping people in one way or another. So far, Aviation has been his predominate career, but time will tell.

Mike is quick to find something funny about nearly any situation, and tries hard to be patient and courteous toward others. Life has taught him that “If family and friends are the most important things to you… nothing else is important.”

Mike lives his life by the adage, “Life is short and most anything is possible to those willing to take a risk.”