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After experiencing a difficult breakup, many guys get ‘stuck' in their pain, or they bring that painful baggage into their next relationship.

In today's episode, I interview Lance Mikkel, an expert of helping people get through the pain of past relationships. Lance talks about how to find hope after a bad situation, how to unplug the emotions from your bad memories, and release the negative ‘charge' that's preventing you from owning your destiny.

Mark E. Davis
The Unapologetic Man

Lance Mikkel Bio:

Since 2012, Lance Mikkel has been the coaching and operations director for one of the most well-known dating sciences companies in the world. He has positively impacted the lives of millions of men and women, helping them pick up the pieces and reinvigorate their lives.

Additionally, he teaches life hacks and strategies for experiencing happiness in love, health and wealth.