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When it comes to Physical Intimacy, most people have no idea what is possible.

I was blown away by the conversation I had with Kevin Anthony and Céline Remy — they are experts in breaking through your own barriers to have better sex and deeper intimacy with your significant other.

We talked about what holds people back from attaining their full potential with their partner, what causes male physical dysfunction & how to get over it, accessing your positive masculine energy, and more!

Don't miss this one — it's one heck of a ride!

Mark E. Davis
The Unapologetic Man

Kevin Anthony & Céline Remy Bio:

Kevin Anthony and Céline Remy are a husband and wife team who decided to join forces to create a worldwide movement of true sexual empowerment. They teach real sex for real people.

So not only do they “do” each other consistently, they also “do” business together, which is fun and can be challenging at times. Everything they share is tried and tested in their own relationship and the business they run.

They have been helping people have better sex and deeper intimacy for over 15 years and they can't wait to get you powered by pleasure.

Follow them on iTunes at The Love Lab Podcast.

For private coaching reach Céline at:
FB: @thepleasurologist