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The Man Card Academy Show – Unapologetically Masculine


The purpose of The Man Card Academy Show is to bring the light of the masculine to penetrate the darkness of the world…helping you to become the best man you can be. Join Mark E. Davis – The Unapologetic Man – as he explores real topics for, and with, REAL MEN.

Mark E. Davis

The Unapologetic Man, has dedicated his life to helping, educating, and supporting men to become their best since he hosted his first men’s group at age 25. He built a computer leasing distributorship to $5.5 million in the 2000’s until the crash. He recovered and built a seven-figure relationship and coaching business with He’s been hosting weekly webinars every week since March of 2011 covering topics like confidence, entrepreneurship, the science of flirting, marriage and many more. He’s a certified therapist and best-selling author.

007 Ways to Earn Your
Man Card

AKA – What You Can Learn About Being a Man From James Bond