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Where men become unapologetically masculine, strong, decisive and confident. We're glad you're here! School is in session.

007 Ways to Earn Your
Man Card

AKA – What You Can Learn About Being a Man From James Bond

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Surfing Lessons

Men are meant to be mighty; men are meant to be FIERCE. So says Ryan P. Lampe, my guest for today's episode of Man Card Academy Podcast…

No More Mr. Nice Guy

In the face of today's “Anti-male” hysteria, Dr. Robert Glover has made it his mission to teach men how to slay their ‘inner dragon' of being weak and passive. In this groundbreaking gloves-off interview, Dr. Glover…

The Confidence Formula

What is Confidence? If you have it, you have it. If you don't, you don't. But how does a man get confidence if he doesn't have it? Can it be learned? I have good news for you…


“Mark, you’re clever, creative, instructive and I love hearing your points of view and looking forward to every episode!”

– Chache Reyes

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“I've known Mark since our days on the lot at Paramount. There is no better leader of men than this man.”

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